82. Pain at the Pump

By March 16, 2022 Uncategorized

Spurred by post-pandemic demand and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, gas prices surged past $4 per gallon last week and Americans are suddenly freaking out about “pain at the pump.” What a big surprise, right? Not really! In this episode, Slate’s Henry Grabar joins us to argue that when it comes to the inherent instability in the global oil market, Americans have the memory of goldfish, locked in a ruinous cycle of dependence on fossil fuels and the authoritarian oligarchs who sell them to us. Have we become a nation whose domestic politics and foreign policy are held hostage to its SUVs? 

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Are Gas Prices Too High? Or Is Your Car Too Big?” By Henry Grabar for Slate.

President Richard Nixon to Americans: Drive 55 to save gas. Henry Grabar for Slate.

Gas prices are way up, but the real cost of driving a mile was higher for most of the past century. (MarketWatch)

Russian Fossil Fuel Tracker: Payments to Russia for fossil fuels by European Union nations since the start of Russia’s Ukraine war. 

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