Does your business or organization want to connect with one of the most passionate and engaged audiences in podcasting? The War on Cars team can work with you to produce an ad that will speak directly to our listeners.

We get tangible and quantifiable results for our sponsors. A retail sponsor that uses Podsights to track its digital advertising tells us that the conversion rates for their ads on The War on Cars are double the rates they achieve with other podcasts. We like to work closely with our sponsors to produce creative, original, host-presented messages. We try to vary messages from episode to episode to keep listeners engaged. We have had great success in driving brand awareness and product sales via discount codes for our listeners and sponsors have been happy with the results.

Sponsors of The War on Cars have included Rad Power Bikes, Cleverhood, Spin Scooters, Sidewalk Labs, Transit Center, and Via. We are selective and will only work with sponsors whose products and services fit the overall focus and mission of the podcast.

Our ads generally run between 45 and 90 seconds in length. Depending on what is appropriate for a particular episode, they may appear at the top or within the first third of an episode along with a “thank you” credit at the end. Additionally, we promote our sponsors and enhance their messages via our social media channels and newsletter, The Traffic Report. On Twitter, The War on Cars account has become a significant agenda-setter in bicycling, transportation, and urban planning spaces. Our official account has surpassed 65,000 followers and grows at a rate of over 3,000 followers per month. Combining all three hosts’ personal Twitter accounts we reach over 125,000 followers. Tweets regularly go viral, achieving 50,000+ impressions.

We engage regularly with our listeners and followers via all of the above channels plus hands-on merchandise sales and fulfillment, live tapings, and listener meetups. As the podcast has grown over the last four-and-a-half years, it has been gratifying to discover that there is a substantial audience for what we are offering. The War on Cars is satisfying a demand for car culture counter-programming that is difficult to find anywhere else.

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