62. It’s Finally Infrastructure Week

By April 3, 2021 Uncategorized

From “sexy bike lanes” to just what constitutes a “bicycle accident,” transportation is making headlines like never before. Aaron, Sarah and Doug are together again to consider the burning questions filling our airwaves and social media feeds right now. Will US DOT Secretary Pete Buttigieg force all Americans to ride cargo bikes filled with Dr. Seuss books and dump them in a compost pile, or is that just a Fox News fever dream? Is New York’s congestion pricing plan, the first in the nation, finally about to get rolling? And is it really part of a de Blasio/Cuomo/Biden war on cars? What can Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo teach us all about the harms of highway widening? What should be done about e-bike batteries? Plus, is America down with VMT? 

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Industry needs to clean up electric batteries, including the ones that power your e-bike. 

Shawn Bradley wasn’t injured in a “bicycle accident.” He was injured when a driver hit him with a car.

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo explains everything wrong with expanding highways.

The US DOT is using the Civil Rights Act to pause the widening of 1-45 near Houston.

A US Congresswoman thinks Bill de Blasio, Andrew Cuomo and Joe Biden are waging a war on cars.

Fox News freaks out over “sexy bike lanes.”

It might be time to use Vehicle Miles Traveled to tax drivers instead of just the gas tax.

Secretary Pete appears to walk back a VMT tax.

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