56. Humane Streets with Anil Dash

By January 13, 2021 Uncategorized

In a sense, cars are a bit like the internet comments section of the real world. Driving, like leaving a reply on a message board or posting something on Twitter, can be done anonymously, dividing people from their fellow human beings and even leading to aggressive behavior… if not the complete corrosion of polite society. With custom details and bumper stickers promoting political ideologies and pithy slogans, cars are also outward expressions of personal identity… just like one’s social media presence. To unpack the similarities between the sprawling systems of online communication and personal transportation, Doug talks to Anil Dash, the tech entrepreneur and pioneering blogger who’s served as a sharp and thoughtful critic of the industry in which he has spent most of his career. Is a better, more humane internet possible? If so, what lessons can be learned for people who want safer, more humane streets? And what would Prince think?

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Learn more about Anil Dash, including his love of bike sharing and his belief that, as a New Yorker, “there’s never been a better time to walk down the street.” 

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“New York City Fit How I Thought The World Should Work.” (TransAlt)

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