101. Feminist City with Leslie Kern

By March 7, 2023 Uncategorized

Dr. Leslie Kern standing in a public bathroom next to a sign with a non-binary figure that says "Whichever." Credit: Mitchel Raphael Kern

Photo credit: Mitchel Raphael Kern


Cities have almost always been designed by men, prioritizing men’s needs as defined by the traditional male-female binary. But as scholar and author Leslie Kern writes in her  book, Feminist City: Claiming Space in a Man-Made World, a truly feminist city could be, “an ongoing experiment in living differently, living better, and living more justly in an urban world.” Sarah talks with Dr. Kern about  how gender influences the way we move through our streets, and how adopting a feminist perspective could make our cities more humane and livable for everyone, regardless of gender identity.

You can find the full transcript of this episode here.

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