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Back in 2004, Denver-area voters supported one of the most ambitious transit projects anywhere in the United States. The plan called for a network of new rail lines that would let commuters glide past traffic and transform Denver into a world-class city in the process. But almost two decades later, an uncomfortable truth has emerged: Denver’s sprawling metropolitan region is as gridlocked as its ever been. This is Episode 1 of Ghost Train, a four-part mini-series from Colorado Public Radio. Hosted by transportation reporter Nathaniel Minor, Ghost Train dives deep into the question that we ask here at The War on Cars: What does it to take to move American cities away from automobile dependence?


This episode was brought to you by Colorado Public Radio

The remaining three parts of the Ghost Train series…
Part 2: The Mission
Part 3: An Unexpected Solution
Part 4: Waiting On A Train

I made a documentary about RTD. Here are some curious things I found along the way (Nathaniel Minor for CPR)

RTD is in Crisis: A three-part series for Streetsblog Denver by Andy Bosselman.

Why don’t RTD’s trains go into Denver’s neighborhoods? (Nathaniel Minor for Denverite)

The Train That Saved Denver (Politico Magazine, 2016)

You can find more of reporter Nathaniel Minor’s work here.

RTD’s FasTracks

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