54. The French Connection

By December 10, 2020 Uncategorized

Under the leadership of Mayor Anne Hidalgo, the city of Paris has transformed itself, turning streets that were once clogged with cars into places for people on bikes and on foot. In response to the pandemic, the city quickly installed “coronapistes,” temporary bike lanes designed to help Parisians move around safely. (With Hidalgo’s recent re-election, approximately 30 miles are now slated to become permanent.) To learn more, Sarah speaks with Deputy Mayor Christophe Najdovski, who’s in charge of the city’s initiatives to increase green space and biodiversity and previously served as the deputy mayor for transportation. Najdovski explains that while the changes in the French capital are the envy of people all over the world, they haven’t been without their share of controversy. Nevertheless, Hidalgo’s political will and persistence have paid off. Paris now has cleaner air, less noise, more public space and a balance of street users that is shifting toward women. Plus, we hear an update from friend of the War on Cars and Paris resident, Cécile!

You can find the full transcript of this episode here.


Will the bicycle be the vehicle of the 21st century for Parisians? (France 24)

Paris’ temporary bike lanes to become permanent. (France 24)

Paris to cut car parking in half. (Forbes)

Bike theft is up as Parisians take to their vélos. (Bloomberg CityLab)

Actor and singer Yves Montand performs the song, “La Bicyclette

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