49. Winning the War on Cars in Rural America

By September 29, 2020 Uncategorized

Dave Cohen of VBike Solutions

Reducing automobile dependence in America’s suburbs, small towns, and rural places is a daunting task. But a tiny non-profit organization in Brattleboro, Vermont is offering a glimpse of how it might be done. Launched in 2010 by bike advocacy legend and psychotherapist Dave Cohen, VBike Solutions is fomenting an electric-assist bicycle revolution in the Green Mountain State. Forging partnerships with state government, electric utilities, financial institutions and local bike shops, VBike is making e-bikes more accessible, affordable and just plain normal. Dave calls it “car reduction therapy for Vermonters.” And as War on Cars co-host Aaron Naparstek discovered while playing softball in Brattleboro this summer, it seems like it’s working. Plus: Vermont’s state bird makes a cameo!

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