23. Adam Conover Ruins The War On Cars

By August 5, 2019 Uncategorized

What do comedy and fighting the war on cars have in common? For answers, Doug talks with Adam Conover, the creator and host of TruTV’s “Adam Ruins Everything.” The show, a new season of which premieres on August 13th, combines humor, sharp writing and deeply sourced research to deconstruct the conventional wisdom about subjects most Americans take for granted, including cars. In this special one-on-one interview, Adam explains why taking the bus in LA is better than driving, discusses how excited he was to tell people the history of the word “jaywalking,” and offers lessons on presenting information to anyone fighting their own war on cars.

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A new season of “Adam Ruins Everything” premieres on August 13th on TruTV.

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Adam explains the origins of the word “Jaywalking.”

Adam and an animated Donald Shoup discuss the high cost of free parking.

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