Episode 18: Breaking the Law

By May 24, 2019 Uncategorized

It’s the most controversial question in all of urban biking: Why do cyclists run red lights, ride on sidewalks and go the wrong way down one-way streets? In this episode, Aaron, Sarah and Doug talk to New York City cyclists about why they behave the way they do. Plus, we seek out a higher authority for an interpretation of the legal and ethical dilemmas people on bikes confront while moving through cities. When cyclists flout the law, is it a sign that they’re all selfish scofflaws? Or are they engaging in a simple act of civil disobedience that can lead to better, safer streets and rules that reflect the difference between bikes and cars?

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Show Notes:

Doug sits down with Talking Points Memo’s Josh Marshall for a “Pedestrian/Cyclist Summit” (The Josh Marshall Show)

Cyclists Break Far Fewer Road Rules Than Motorists, Finds New Video Study (Forbes)

Oregon’s “Idaho Stop” bill faces headwinds in Senate (BikePortland.org)

Our special Klezmer version of The War on Cars theme was produced by the brilliant Michael Hearst.

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