Episode 14: The War on Cars Meets Car Talk

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For nearly thirty years, brothers Ray and Tom Magliozzi were the hosts of NPR’s “Car Talk” and the voices of American car culture. Famous for their distinctive Boston accents and infectious laughs, Click and Clack didn’t just diagnose engine troubles, they recognized that people’s personal relationships often revolved around their automobiles. In a War on Cars exclusive, Doug sits down with Ray Magliozzi to talk about car culture, the brothers’ surprising war on SUVs, and whether or not “Bike Talk” could even be half the phenomenon “Car Talk” was… and still is.

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Show Notes:

Learn more about Car Talk

…and listen to “The Best of Car Talk.”

“Car Talk’s Tom Magliozzi: An Unlikely Environmental Advocate.” (ThinkProgress)

Tom and Ray’s “Live Large, Drive Smaller” anti-SUV campaign. (The New Yorker)

Tom and Ray’s 2007 letter to Congress in favor of higher fuel standards. (Car Talk)

Dispatches from Aaron’s years-long Twitter crusade to banish “Car Talk” from WNYC.

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