Episode 11: WCAR Talk Radio

By February 4, 2019 Uncategorized

You’re listening to WCAR talk radio with Spoke and the Mad Dog. In this episode we take listener questions and comments, tackling everything from fixing the suburbs, tips for lonely bike advocates, why car-free days are one of the best tools for improving cities and how to make even the most sprawled-out metropolis in America better for people on two feet, two wheels or transit. Plus, can a War on Cars t-shirt get a person out of jury duty? Don’t touch that dial!

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Safe Streets Advocates: Whoopi’s ‘Apology’ Just Isn’t Enough (Streetsblog)

Ellen Dunham Jones, “Retrofitting Suburbia” (TED)

“An advanced city is not one where even the poor use cars, but rather one where even the rich use public transport.” – Enrique PeƱalosa (TED)

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