Episode 10: Whoops! The Liberal Blind Spot for Cars

By January 21, 2019 Uncategorized

When New York City mayor Bill de Blasio went on ABC’s “The View” to discuss universal health care, little did he know he’d be on the receiving end of an epic anti-bike-lane rant courtesy of Oscar-winner and daily car commuter Whoopi Goldberg. Whoopi’s fact-free diatribe exposed one of the biggest obstacles cities face as they try to modernize their transportation systems: The liberal blind spot for cars. In this special episode of The War on Cars, we discuss why it is that even the most liberal people in the most progressive cities are so often unable to see the problems wrought by automobiles, much less support alternative forms of transportation. Plus, as civilization faces a looming climate catastrophe, can the Green New Deal offer some hope or will Baby Boomer talk show hosts doom us all?

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Whoopi Goldberg slams Bill de Blasio on ‘The View’ over NYC bike lanes (NY Post)

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Whoopi issues non-apology to families of people killed by drivers. (@WhoopiGoldberg)

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  • Derek Zilich says:

    I don’t mean to gloat but, the Lord Mayor of Sydney rides a bicycle into to work everyday… 🙂

    • Ben Miller says:

      Whoopi’s “arguments” against bike lanes perfectly fit into the definition of “bullshit” as written in the book On Bullshit. Basically, bullshit is not a lie. It’s making a statement without any regard or concern whether or not it is true. Trump is the obvious champ in bullshit, but Whoopie took a page from his book.

  • I should think liberals/ progressives would be really pissed off that they have been manipulated and boxed into the corner of auto dependency and climate change/inequity fostering.