Episode 9: Cars Versus Guns

By January 14, 2019 Uncategorized

Which is more destructive? Cars or guns? A recent study showed that guns are now the second-leading killer of children in the U.S. But what does it say about our culture that the press seemed to gloss over the first? (Spoiler alert: It’s cars.) In this episode, we discuss the similarities between these two threats to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Plus, what can safe streets advocates learn from gun control advocates, and vice versa?

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Guns now the second leading killer of kids, after cars. (NBC News)

“Monster” vehicles more likely to cause fatal collisions. (National Post)

Death on Foot: America’s love for SUVs is killing pedestrians and federal safety regulators have known for years. (Detroit Free Press)

Charlton Heston’s “My cold dead hands” NRA speech. (YouTube)

Dodge needed a spokesman for their muscle cars. They chose the actor Michael C. Hall when he was playing a serial killer on the popular Showtime series “Dexter.” (YouTube)

“Buy a little freedom, buy a Yugo!” (YouTube)

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