Episode 5: If E-Bikes Are the Future, Why Are They Illegal?

By November 6, 2018 Uncategorized

From coast to coast, electric-bikes are having their moment. But a New York City Police Department crackdown on delivery cyclists who rely on e-bikes to do their jobs has some wondering if a double standard isn’t at play. At a time when big companies are jumping on the e-bike bandwagon, are the immigrant men who deliver food being unfairly punished? We discuss the murky laws surrounding e-bikes and what the future has in store with Helen Ho of the Biking Public Project.

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The Biking Public Project (Tumblr)

“One Man’s Fight to Regulate E-Bikes in His Neighborhood” (WNYC)

Who really gets fined when the police crackdown on e-bikes? (Gothamist)

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