Episode 3: Mayors: The Good, the Bad and Bill de Blasio

By October 16, 2018 Uncategorized

With cities on the front lines of the war on cars, can mayors muster the courage to put automobiles in their rightful place? Not to name names, but does it matter if elected officials are driven twelve miles to the gym every day in a three SUV convoy just to jog on a treadmill? Plus, Doug announces his candidacy for mayor. Can he withstand the inevitable barrage of dark money attack ads?

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Paris mayor’s war on cars moves up a gear with ban in heart of city. (France 24)

Watch Oslo transform into a car-free utopia (Curbed)

Barcelona mayor delcares war on injustice of private car use (Reuters)

In Montreal, an electrifying win for a long-shot who campaigned on better transit and cycling (Streetsblog)

Cars set to be banned from half of roads in London’s Square Mile (Evening Standard)

German cities to trial free public transportation to cut pollution. (The Guardian)

Why Jennifer Keesmaat’s Gardiner teardown pitch is key to her campaign (Toronto Star)

Car Ownership Continues to Rise Under Mayor de Blasio (Streetsblog)

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